The field of serving adults who have developmental disabilities is changing drastically. In the past, the expectation was that those individuals spend their entire careers working in sheltered workshop environments, and would live in facilities separate from the wider world.

RVI is in the process of developing more community-based settings apart from the employment and habilitation center located near Oak Harbor. We are also working to attract more employment opportunities in an effort to provide work for people who have not been diagnosed with a developmental disability. By working side-by-side, individuals who receive services from RVI and other employees will accomplish the same goal of gainful employment.

We are committed to providing the people we serve as many opportunities as possible while maintaining the quality of care. This goal includes activities in the community, giving our individuals the chance to enjoy all that our area has to offer.

As a part of that commitment, RVI is expanding our transportation resources. We are in the process of adding more vehicles and safety features for those vehicles. Our expanded services will give adults with developmental disabilities more choices and flexibility in facing their transportation needs.