Riverview Industries, Inc.
8380 W. State Route 163, Oak Harbor, OH  43449
Main office: 419-898-5250, ext. 3051
Fax: 419-898-1141
Location: About three miles east of Oak Harbor and eight miles west of Port Clinton on Ohio 163, just west of the Ottawa County Fairgrounds and Riverview Healthcare Campus.

Board of Directors:
Michelle Christie, president
Andy Schlotterer, vice-president
Nikki Adams, trustee
Chris Malfara, trustee
Mike Snider, trustee
Valerie Winterfield, trustee

Executive Director: Brenda Smith, 419-898-5250, ext. 3054.
Services Coordination and Compliance Director: Laura Borows, 419-898-5250, ext. 3056.
Finance Director: Amy Krukemyer, 419-898-5250, ext. 3057.
Residential-SOS Director: Lori Sandwisch, 419-898-5250, ext. 3078.
Operations Director: Jake Rowe, 419-898-5250, ext. 3059.
Human Resources Coordinator/Residential-SOS Assistant Director: Cortney Key, 419-898-5250, ext. 3055.
Business Manager: Mark Yost, 419-898-5250, ext. 3052.
Contracted Services Manager: Karen Williams, 419-898-5250, ext. 3062.
Production Team Supervisor: Shawn Conard, 419-898-5250, ext. 3064.
On-site Nurse: Robin Marsh, 419-898-5250, ext. 3063.
Registered Nurse: Rhonda Beidlingmeier
Skills Development Coordinator: Jennifer Lajti, 419-898-5250, ext. 3087.
Skills Development Coordinator: Sandy Cover, 419-898-5250, ext. 3060.
Skills Development Coordinator: Rachel Johnson, 419-898-5250, ext. 3086.
Community Employment Program Manager: Chelsea Wagner, 419-898-5250, ext. 3067.
Business Office Manager: Jean Lehman, 419-898-5250, ext. 3053.
Imagine Art Studio: 419-898-5250, ext. 3070.