Culture – Positive Culture Commitment


The staff of RVI believes that embracing and sustaining a positive work environment enhances the quality in which we fulfill our mission. We believe the way we treat each other (positively or negatively) reflects on the service we provide and, in turn, emotionally and physically affects the people we serve.


Conduct and actions that demonstrate one’s contribution to RVI’s positive culture may include:

  • Treats fellow staff members with dignity and respect;
    • Acknowledges one another in a pleasant manner
    • Shows kindness toward one another, not only to the people we serve
    • Offers support and understanding (not judgment) when a coworker is experiencing challenges, builds trust
    • Appreciates skills and creativity of others
    • Consistent frame of mind
    • Can be relied upon
    • Communicates to let others know what we need, to pass on ideas, and to accomplish tasks through listening and responding:
      • Listens with an open mind
      • Responds clearly and honestly
  • Focuses on the “big picture” by recognizing that contributing to RII’s positive culture will enhance the level of service provided to the people we serve and our customers;
  • Contributes to and participates on the team, accepts responsibility for their role. A team is needed when something requires more than one person’s personal ability;
  • Delivers quality services in spite of personal issues;
  • Demonstrates a grateful, appreciative attitude; and
  • Personality characteristics include: Genuine, Intuitive, Creative, Happy, Mellow.


Strategies to promote, encourage, enforce, and reinforce Positive Behavior among staff may include:

  • Recognize that noise a part of our work environment; some days louder than others; offering Individuals a variety of activities may help.
  • When working with an Individual who has behavioral issues, the most important action you can take is to meet their needs to prevent and minimize negative behaviors.
  • Relieve stress caused by lack of work or too much work and budget issues by implementing techniques shared by others, learned at trainings, or make an appointment with the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
  • Recognize that communication is a two-way avenue between all employees of RVI. Taking time to explain an idea, change, or situation is only one part of it. Asking questions can help you fully understand the conversation. In addition, engage listening as a skill.
  • We must try to be adaptable to Individual, customer, and situational changes.
  • Sometimes other people around us are negative. Ways we can handle this might include: continue to be a good role model, ask the person why he/she is being negative, refer him/her to HR who will try to get to the bottom of the situation, possibly resulting in a referral to the EAP.


Committee Goal: To develop a culture of Positive Behavior at Riverview Industries.

The idea of the Positive Culture Commitment arose from the concept that there cannot be two levels of service – to say that we treat the people we serve with the utmost respect and kindness and then turn to our fellow staff members and treat them poorly is contradictory to our standard of excellence. The thought process is that this behavior should be addressed not only by RVI Leadership, but by the true leaders of positive behavior among staff – thus the Positive Culture Committee. The committee was asked to develop the concept into a statement of commitment, standards of behavior, and strategies.

The makeup of the Positive Culture Committee is seven to ten staff who have proven to co-workers and leadership they are positive influences on their co-workers, good team members, and have been recognized as such. The committee members are selected based on the following factors:

  • The number of peer nominations for Staff Member of the Month
  • Leadership Team selection for Staff Member of the Month
  • Performance Evaluation scores for the sections “Customer Service and Teamwork” and “Attitude”
  • Meet one time per week during the month of January to complete initial work
  • Select member of committee to assist Executive Director in presenting the Positive Behavior culture to staff and new hires during orientation
  • Continue to review standards, policy, and strategy regarding Staff Positive Behavior to ensure continued growth of our Positive Behavior culture
  • Conduct annual review of committee participation in February
The purpose of Riverview Industries, Inc. is to provide a meaningful work experience and
quality of life for the benefit of adults with developmental disabilities.