Mission statement:

The purpose of RVI, Inc., is to provide a meaningful work experience and quality of life for the benefit of adults with developmental disabilities.

Vision statement:

To be recognized as the choice provider agency for individuals with developmental disabilities, the premiere employer in Ottawa County, and a preferred partner in the business community.

Core values:

  • Service – RVI exists to serve individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • Safety – RVI is committed to operating in a manner conducive to protecting our employees and the community.
  • Quality – RVI is committed to providing the highest possible quality in our products and our services.
  • Communications – RVI is committed to having open communication.
  • Respect – RVI believes all people should be treated with mutual dignity and respect.
  • Opportunity – RVI believes that all people with disabilities, who are willing and able to work should have the opportunity to do so.
  • Choices – RVI recognizes that all people who receive vocational services through RVI, and also receive a paycheck through RVI, have the opportunity to make informed choices about their vocational training and employment.
  • Fair wages and benefits – RVI recognizes that all people with disabilities should receive fair and equitable wages and benefits, consistent with their abilities, for the work they perform.
  • Community – RVI values an inter-dependent and mutually-beneficial relationship with the larger community.
  • Financial security – RVI values good financial health that is maintained through diversification and expansion of existing services and products, sound business practices and fiscal accountability.
  • Leadership – RVI recognizes the importance of leaders that exhibit responsibility, planning, vision, initiative, professionalism, respect and role modeling.
  • Training and education – RVI recognizes that learning is a lifelong experience and, therefore, is committed to providing training for both personal and professional growth.

Commitment to Positive Culture:

The staff of RVI believes that embracing and sustaining a positive work environment improves the way in which we fulfill our mission. We believe that the ways we treat each other, either positively or negatively, reflect on the service we provide. That service, in turn, affects the people we serve both emotionally and physically.

We call working toward that positive work environment our “Positive Culture Commitment.”