Strategic Plan



The purpose of RVI, Inc. is to provide a meaningful work environment and quality of life for the benefit of adults with developmental disabilities.


RVI is recognized as the choice provider agency of services for Individuals with developmental disabilities, the premier employer in Ottawa County, and a preferred partner in the business community.


GOAL #1:  To be the “choice provider agency” by increasing customer (the individual served) satisfaction in each of our service areas by supporting the individuals we serve according to their person-centered plan.

Strategic Initiative #1
Increase community involvement for the people served.

Strategic Initiative #2:
Grow and support growth in Community Employment.

Strategic Initiative #3:
Change business model to support intention of Employment First.
GOAL #2:  Become a “premier employer” by promoting a positive organizational culture and improving quality standards in recruiting, onboarding, training, and employee engagement focused on direct care staff.

Strategic Initiative #4
Foster a positive and optimistic staff/employee culture to improve our services.

Strategic Initiative #5:
Search out all opportunities to assist with recruitment.

Strategic Initiative #6:
Expand training methods.

Goal #3:  To be a leader in the industry and support growth by improving our operational infrastructure to efficiently and effectively meet the new state and federal standards.

Strategic Initiative #7:
Improve our transportation system.

Strategic Initiative #8:
Create a QA Team that will verify the quality of all of our services and systems.

Strategic Initiative #9:
Become more virtual.

Strategic Initiative #10:
Support growth and development of services and business opportunities.

Strategic Initiative #11:
Review and make adjustments o current systems.

The purpose of Riverview Industries, Inc. is to provide a meaningful work experience and
quality of life for the benefit of adults with developmental disabilities.