RVI is a member of both the Kroger Rewards Program and Amazon Smile.

When you visit Kroger Rewards Program, you can click on the drop-down box and choose Riverview Industries, Inc. It’s easy to register your account number, which can be found on your Kroger discount card. At no cost to you, a portion of each purchase will go to RVI. This is a quick and easy way to support the adults with developmental disabilities whom we serve.

You can also support the people served by RVI when you shop online. Instead of going to the regular Amazon website, instead visit Amazon Smile. You register by entering your email address or mobile phone number, plus your Amazon password. Again, it’s easy to choose Riverview Industries, Inc., from the drop-down box. A portion of each purchase will go to RVI, without any additional cost to you.

If you’re shopping for a yourself, or for a gift for someone else, stop at the Imagine Art Studio! The studio is open during normal RVI office hours, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. It’s in the RVI main building, 8380 W. State Route 163, three miles east of Oak Harbor.

The Imagine Art Studio can offer something few businesses can Рthe opportunity to purchase custom-designed and personalized pieces. Choices include holiday ornaments, wall art, tote bags, dog beds, garden flags, garden art, and more Рand you can choose the themes, colors, fabrics, and other materials! For information, email the art studio or call 419-898-5250, ext. 3070.