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Some people who have developmental disabilities may choose Adult Day Supports.  RVI’s Habilitation department provides a safe and enriching environment so they can have the best lives possible through acquiring new skills, building community membership and independence, and expanding personal choice.

RVI provides group and individual activities, community outings, recreation, parties, etc., for the enjoyment and enrichment of the people we serve. RVI provides these services to people who have a wide variety of abilities and challenges. Sometimes these activities are for groups of people, and sometimes they take place in a one-on-one setting, depending on the individual’s preferences and needs.

While health and safety are important aspects of the care we give, the focus for each individual we serve is to help him or her to have the life he or she desires. We do more than meet needs. We help the people we serve achieve their personal goals.

Our staff can assist with personal care and feeding, medical needs, behavioral and mental health challenges, and more.

Email Jake Rowe or call 419-898-5250, ext. 3059, for more information.