Because of a vast network of business associates around Ottawa County, RVI Inc. is able to offer a variety of options to those seeking employment.  Our spacious workshop in Oak Harbor provides hands-on work such as packaging, sorting, mailing, and paper shredding.  Many different closely supervised work groups are located around the workshop so client employees can do the type of work that most closesly matches their interests and abilities.

For those employees interested in working outside the workshop, we have jobs available in our Contracted Services department doing everything from office cleaning to floor care to lawn maintenance.

We also offer job placement assistance and job coaching for the individual looking for community employment.  Currently, we have successfully placed and helped maintain jobs at local grocery stores, cleaning services, and fast food restaurants.


At RVI Inc., we offer many different services in our Community Employment Program.

- Paid Work Experience Add-On
- Career Exploration
- Community Based Assessment
- Customized Employment
- Job Development
- Job Coaching
- Retention/Follow-Up

RVI Services Brochure

Jessica Wolfe, Community Employment Manager
Email: jwolfe@rviinc.org; Phone: 567-262-3067


The purpose of Riverview Industries, Inc. is to provide a meaningful work experience and
quality of life for the benefit of adults with developmental disabilities.