In all aspects of care and all services we provide, RVI strives to help each person we serve be a part of his or her community.

Our goal is to help implement “person-centered plans” developed by the person served, his or her family and other supportive people, the county board of developmental disabilities and other agencies, so that the person has a life that he or she wants to live.

If the person chooses this path, work skills development can be geared toward the eventual goal of getting a job in the community.

Many activities at RVI help the people we serve to feel included in the communities where they live and shop. Staff members accompany our individuals on out-trips, and the people we serve learn important lessons about social skills, what other people expect of them, the value of money, and the assets their communities have to offer.

RVI continues to help the individuals we serve become more integrated in the community in the future. Our goals include developing more employment sites, and providing work for people who do not have developmental disabilities so they can work side-by-side in our employment and habilitation center with the people we serve.