Supported Living is defined as “a service model based on principles that emphasize a person’s choice, self-determination, and community integration.”

Many adults who have developmental disabilities want to live as independently as possible, while maintaining relationships with family members and friends. For several years, RVI’s Residential-Sense of Self Department has provided services that allow them to live in and enjoy their communities

The Center for Medicaid Services refers to this as “Homemaker and Personal Care Services,” but we provide much more than that. Of course health and safety are emphasized, but they are not the only ways we support the individuals we serve. We also focus on helping these adults set and accomplish their goals, pursue hobbies and interests, grow and maintain relationships, and do all the other things that any adult would find leads to a fulfilling life.

This support can take many forms. Some people live in homes that are fully-staffed by direct care professionals who provide daily living and personal care services. Others live on their own, but need help with transportation, meal planning and preparation, medication administration, cleaning, budgeting money and paying bills, shopping, or other aspects of life.

Many families use these services when they can’t be home for some time, such as assistance until a family member can get home from work, or when a family member will be out-of-town for a while. Members of our Residential-SOS Department staff are trained to be delegated nurses, which means they go through initial and annual training that allows them to administer medication that has been prescribed by a doctor.

As with all of the services provided by RVI, the focus of this department is not only to help these individuals be safe and healthy, but also to help them lead the lives they want to live. Our staff will help the individuals become more integrated in their communities.

Email Residential-SOS Department Manager Lori Sandwisch or callĀ 419-898-5250, ext. 3078, for information.