Many of the people we serve work in our employment and habilitation center at 8380 W. State Route 163, three miles east of Oak Harbor. In this setting, they can earn a paycheck in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment.

Each step in the production or assembly process is accurately timed, so that each individual who completes that step as part of his or her work is paid fairly. Supervisors record the accomplishments of each individual regularly throughout the workday. RVI is in compliance with standards established by the United States Department of Labor.

In the Imagine Art Studio, people who are served by RVI have the chance to express themselves through art while earning a paycheck. They are mentored and guided by a staff member while they learn new skills and develop their existing talents. This artwork is displayed at area businesses and at art shows, and is for sale at the art studio during regular RVI office hours.

Community members donate furniture, paint, dishes, fabric, frames and several other types of materials that are “upcycled” into works of art. The Imagine Art Studio regularly produces garden flags and banners, tote bags, holiday ornaments and decorations, garden art, and many other types of work in addition to traditional wall-hung art. If the work is replicated, such as for a holiday card, the artist is paid royalties.

Email Jake Rowe or call 419-898-5250, ext. 3059, for information.