RVI is a nonprofit organization that serves adults who have intellectual/developmental disabilities. We’ve been operating in eight counties in Northern Ohio for 50 years! The purpose of RVI is to move people with intellectual/developmental disabilities toward the lives they want to live.

A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Service RVI is committed to providing an array of services to help each individual achieve his or her goals. We do what is called “braiding” of funding streams and services, and the result is inclusive, productive programming for adults with intellectual/Developmental disabilities. 

Commitment to Positive Culture

RVI staff believe that embracing and sustaining a positive work environment improves the way in which we fulfill our mission. We believe that the way we treat each other, either positively or negatively, reflect on the serve we provide. That service, in turn, affects the people we serve both physically and emotionally.

We call working toward that positive work environment our “Positive Culture Commitment.”

Services Offered:

Individual Employment Supports

Community Integration

Group Employment Supports

Vocational Habilitation

Adult Day Supports

Supported Living

Skills Development Coordination

Nursing Services

Non-Medical Transportation