For many of the people we serve, community employment is a main goal – but often, it’s not be the only goal. RVI provides a variety “wrap-around services” to help the individuals we serve become a more meaningful part of their community, and to take advantage of all the opportunities that community has to offer. Community services include: Adult Day Supports Community Integration Nursing Services Supported Living – Homemaker/Personal Care Transportation Person-Centered Planning RVI is committed to supporting each individual to help him or her achieve personal life goals. At least once a year, the individual will meet with a team comprised of a Service and Support Administrator from the county board of developmental disabilities, parents or guardians, friends, and service providers to develop an individual service plan for what that person wants his or her life to look like. The group discusses goals, challenges and preferences. At RVI, a Services Coordinator provides training to all the direct support professionals who work with that individual, so those staff members can provide consistent encouragement toward the goals outlined in the service plan. These goals can include career objectives, hobbies, health-related outcomes, and activities. For more more information on residential services contact Lori Sandwisch at 419.898.5250 or