Contribute to Our Efforts at RVI

Generous donors make a big difference in our employment and community inclusion efforts here at RVI Inc. If you want to be one of those donors, we accept monetary and item donations, and we’re also part of the Amazon Smiles charities list and Kroger Rewards Program. CONTACT US TODAY

Monetary Donations

At RVI, we believe that by serving people with disabilities through our core values we will enhance the quality of their lives and positively contribute to the individual, community, and economy. Financial donations are a fast, simple way to help adults with developmental disabilities have the financial means to go on community outings. To make a donation, please contact Deb Lenke or call 419-898-5250, ext. 3077.

In-Kind Donations

Many of the we people serve can use clothing to keep on-hand in the workshop. Larger-sized clothing, especially items that have elastic waistbands and easy-to-fasten closures, are highly useful. For clothing donations, please contact Employment Manager Shawn Conard or call 419-898-5250, ext. 3064.

Donation Information

As a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, all donations to RVI are tax-deductible. In the case of cash donations, the donor will received a signed and dated letter detailing the amount and, if applicable, the purpose of the donation. In the case of in-kind donations, the donor will receive, if requested, a signed and dated letter detailing the items that were donated. In some cases, photos of the donated items will be provided with the letter. Direct donations can be made to a specific program or need, such as community outings.

Help by Shopping

RVI is a member of both the Kroger Rewards Program and Amazon Smile.

Kroger Rewards Program

When you visit Kroger Rewards Program, you can click on the drop-down box and choose Riverview Industries, Inc. It’s easy to register your account number, which can be found on your Kroger discount card. At no cost to you, a portion of each purchase will go to RVI. This is a quick and easy way to support the adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities whom we serve.

Amazon Smile

You can also support the people served by RVI when you shop online. Instead of going to the regular Amazon website, visit Amazon Smile. You register by entering your email address or cell phone number, plus your Amazon password. Again, it’s easy to choose Riverview Industries, Inc., from the drop-down box. A portion of each purchase will go to RVI, without any additional cost to you.

Volunteer Opportunities

The people who are served by RVI are interested in being involved in their communities. They want to help make the world a better place through volunteering. Some of the ways they can contribute including sorting, folding flyers, stuffing envelopes, baking, and supporting other volunteers. To suggest a volunteer opportunity, please email Human Resources Director  Jaslin Barnett or call 419-898-5250, ext. 3079.

To inquire further about donation and volunteering opportunities, contact RVI today! CONTACT US TODAY