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Opportunities for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Business owners and managers face no shortage of challenges in keeping their businesses in operation. Many of the individuals we work with at RVI are eager to help! Not only do our solutions offer help for business owners, they also play a valuable role in our community integration efforts.

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Cleaning, Maintenance and Yard Work

RVI’s Contracted Services Department provides indoor and outdoor services on a contract basis. Some contracts are seasonal or temporary, if it suits the needs of the business. RVI handles all payroll, workers’ compensation, training and other human resources issues related to the employees we provide, allowing companies’ existing employees to more closely focus on their own work. Our clients have included business offices, banks, parks, rest areas, garages and more.

Production and Assembly

RVI’s Production Department handles all aspects of employee management, payroll, workers’ compensation, insurance, performance issues, hiring, discipline, and termination. Bids are based on time studies and other rate methodologies to ensure a competitive price. The employees we provide can work with order assembly, order fulfillment, packaging and similar tasks. And our substantial amount of production and warehouse space allow easy opportunities for storage of both raw and finished products.

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