RVI provides daily programming that includes trips to various community functions, age appropriate crafts, activities and much more!

Day Support, Community Involvement & More

For 50 years, RVI has been honored to provide the best care and support services with the most options available for people with disabilities in Ottawa County. What began with basic employment opportunities quickly grew into many opportunities for individuals with development disabilities to live the life they want to live! We now offer a range of services including non-work/day services and in-home care. Take a look, and see what our programs are doing for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. CONTACT US NOW

Community Integration

In all aspects of care and all services we provide, RVI strives to help each person we serve be a part of his or her community.

Our goal is to help implement “person-centered plans” developed by the person served, his or her family and other supportive people, the county board of developmental disabilities, and other agencies, so that the person has a life that he or she wants to live. If the person chooses this path, work skills development can be geared toward the eventual goal of getting a job in the community.

Adult Day Support

Some people who have developmental disabilities may choose Adult Day Support Services. RVI’s Habilitation department provides a safe and enriching environment, so these individuals can live the best lives possible by acquiring new skills, building community membership and independence, and expanding personal choice.

RVI provides community-based services for the enrichment of the people we serve. We offer many different opportunities to people who have a wide variety of abilities and challenges. Sometimes these activities are for groups of people, and sometimes they take place in a one-on-one setting, depending on the individual’s preferences and needs. We are here to support them!

While health and safety are important aspects of the care we provide, the focus for each individual we serve is to help him or her to have the life he or she desires. We do more than meet needs. We help people achieve their personal goals. Our staff can assist with personal care and feeding, medical needs, behavioral and mental health challenges, and more.

Check below to see some examples of the adult day programs we coordinate.


Nursing Services

RVI has nurses on staff to oversee the medical needs of the individuals we serve.

A licensed practical nurse is in the employment and habilitation center every work day to administer medication, document issues and concerns, communicate with other medical professionals, and provide other forms of care, including diabetes testing and insulin injections, gastric tube feeding, first aid, and referrals when needed. A registered nurse oversees all of the nursing services, and provides training on medication administration and delegated nursing tasks.

Many of our direct support professionals are also trained to administer medication that has been prescribed by a doctor – including diabetic testing and insulin administration.

Supported Living

Supported Living is defined as “a service model based on principles that emphasize a person’s choice, self-determination, and community integration.”

Many people who have developmental disabilities want to live as independently as possible, while maintaining relationships with family members and friends. For years, RVI has provided services that allow them to live in and enjoy their communities.

The Center for Medicaid Services refers to this as “Homemaker and Personal Care Services,” but we provide much more than that. Of course, health and safety are emphasized, but they are not the only ways we support the individuals we serve. We also focus on helping these adults set and accomplish their goals, pursue hobbies and interests, grow and maintain relationships, and do all the other things that any adult would consider part of leading a fulfilling life.

This support can take many forms. Some people live in homes that are fully staffed by direct support professionals who provide daily living and personal care services. Others live on their own, but need help with transportation, meal planning and preparation, medication administration, cleaning, budgeting money and paying bills, shopping, or other aspects of life.

Many families use these services when they can’t be home for some time – for example, assistance until a family member can get home from work, or when a family member will be out of town for a while. Staff are trained to administer medication that has been prescribed by a doctor.

As with all of the services provided by RVI, the focus of this department is not only to help these individuals be safe and healthy, but also to help them lead the lives they want to live. Our staff strives to help individuals become part of their communities.

Non-Medical Transportation

RVI’s transportation service allows all area individuals who have developmental disabilities to have more opportunity to work in and enjoy their communities, including in coordination with some of our other offerings.