Employment Services for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

RVI, Inc. began in 1973 with the purpose of providing work opportunities for people with disabilities. Although our developmental disability services have vastly expanded since then, providing these opportunities is still the core of our purpose today. CONTACT US NOW

Employment First

In accordance with the Employment First initiative, we’re shifting expectations for a cultural transformation. Here is an explanation of the initiative from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities:

“Every person has abilities, skills and talents to enrich the community and people around us. We envision a time when every working-age adult with developmental disabilities has opportunity to explore their career options and seek jobs that fit their skills and interests.

“We start by shifting expectations. Young people with developmental disabilities will learn about employment options and planning during their school years. Adults with developmental disabilities should have support teams that assist in learning more about how abilities and interests can match opportunities in the workplace. Every person should expect that community employment is the preferred outcome for working-age adults with developmental disabilities.

“Every agency, school, organization and individual within Ohio’s developmental disability system plays a role by focusing on what everyone can do, providing the best supports and services to enable people to choose and succeed in community employment. We’re transforming to a system culture that creates opportunities and pathways for integration, independence and full community participation.

“Community employment brings so many benefits – from greater independence and wealth building potential to improved self-esteem and personal satisfaction. And that’s just the beginning: Employers and co-workers benefit through more diversity and a broader range of capable employees available; while society at large benefits when all citizens are able to participate in and contribute to their communities in all the ways they can.”

Vocational Habilitation Services

Some of the people we serve receive services in our employment and habilitation center at 8380 W. State Route 163, three miles east of Oak Harbor.

Each step in the production or assembly process is accurately timed, so that each individual who completes that step as part of his or her work is paid fairly. Supervisors record the accomplishments of each individual regularly throughout the work day. RVI is in compliance with standards established by the United States Department of Labor.

The program also offers the New Employment Work Services course for individuals who want to work in the community. The NEWS classes cover proper attire, personal hygiene, workplace safety, computer skills, resume-building, and visiting local businesses. For more information on vocational services, contact Shawn Conard at 419.898.5250 or sconard@rviinc.org.

Group Employment Supports

In our Contracted Services Department, individuals work at janitorial, mowing, maintenance, and other jobs in the community. Each person served by RVI receives transportation, support, encouragement, reminders, and guidance – and a paycheck! Individuals can gain experience working outside of the employment and habilitation center, while receiving a level of support similar to what they would receive in the center.

The hours and locations vary, so the individuals can try different shifts, types of work, and work environments. This department has many seasonal contracts, so more work is available during the summer months. For more information on group employment, contact Dawn Aaron at 419.898.5250 or daaron@rviinc.org.

Individual Employment Supports

Supported Employment is defined as “paid employment in community settings for persons with disabilities who need ongoing support to perform their work. Support can include on-the-job training, transportation, or supervision.”

Our staff members receive all the training required by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. RVI provides some of that training, and the state agencies and other entities also provide training. The individuals served by this department are guided throughout the employment process, including intake, vocational testing, benefits coordination and analysis, career exploration, community-based job assessments, training in job-seeking skills. For more information on individual employment supports contact Dawn Aaron at 419.898.5250 or daaron@rviinc.org.

Non-Medical Transportation

RVI’s transportation service allows all area individuals who have developmental disabilities to have more opportunity to work in and enjoy their communities, including in coordination with some of our other offerings. For more information on non-medical transportation contact Shawn Conard at 419.898.5250 or sconard@rviinc.org.